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tiptel 2/8 Fax CLIP - £P.O.A
Analogue telephone system for private use at two FXO lines

The Tiptel 2/8 Fax CLIP is nearly identical with tiptel 1/8 Fax CLIP, but it has two analogue external lines (FXO).

So it offers a better availability. To separate charges it has a selective C0 line. The system is compatible to analogue telephone-port from TV cable net providers.

Tiptel 2/8 Fax Clip

  • Free internal telephone calls between the extensions
  • Internal inquiry calls during external calls
  • Forwarding of telephone calls
  • Calling line identification presentation (CLIP) at all extensions
  • Automatic CO line access for comfortable handling
  • Reserving of external line possible
  • Selective programming of CO line access authorisation
  • Music-on-hold during call transfer/forwarding
  • Connection of door intercom system with additional module possible
  • Pulse dialling or tone dialling (DTMF)
  • Internal conference call with all parties
  • Automatic call-back for internal calls if an extension is busy
  • Different ringing tones for internal and external calls
  • Manual switching between day and night mode
  • Call waiting function for external incoming calls, if extension is holding an internal telephone conversation
  • Pager call, urgency call
  • Delayed ringing function
  • Do-not-disturb-function
  • Call transfer to another extension
  • CO line access authorisation, semirestricted
  • CO line access authorisation
  • Authorisation for local, national and international calls
  • Back-up of settings after power failure
  • External line available during power failure (for one telephone)
  • Easy programming of the PABX via telephone


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