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tiptel 83 System - £P.O.A
tiptel 83 System Features
  • Telephone directory for 100 phone numbers
  • 14 multi-functional keys for individual programming
  • Programming of busy-line-indication for other extensions on multi-functional keys
  • Quick-Call-by-Call, comfortable selection of a different providerTAPI driver for Windows, supports standard CTI programs
  • PC connecting cable as well as software for data back-up included
System Functions
  • Indication of the other subscribers' names and of telephone directory entries of the tiptel.com PBX family
  • Loudspeaker messages, room monitoring
  • Activation of hands-free mode by other extensions
Programmable functions for multi-functional keys*
  • Indication of busy extensions by means of LEDs
  • Direct call transfer or call pick-up
  • Line key function (assignment of a certain MSN)
  • Message waiting function**
  • Direct interrogation of a voicebox**
  • Activation/deactivation of a voicebox**
  • Storage of phone numbers

    ISDN Feature (excerpt)
    • Calling line identification presentation/restriction (CLIP/CLIR)
    • Connected line identification presentation/restriction (COLP/COLR)
    • Terminal portability (TP)
    • Advice of call charge (AOCE/AOCD)
    • Hold function (HOLD) and switching between external lines
    • Call waiting (CW)
    • Three party conference (3 PTY)
    • Explicit call transfer (ECT)
    • Completion of call to busy subscriber (CCBS)
    • Call forwarding (CFU, CFNR, CFB, CD)
    • Malicious call identification (MCID)
    PC Software Functions
    • Compatible with Windows 3.1x/95/98/2000/ME/NT4.0/XP/Vista 32Bit
    • Programming of features
    • Entry of the telephone directory
    • Administration of call data (phone numbers, charges etc.)
    • Dialling from the telephone directory via integrated dialler
    • Update of operating software, current firmware release available online




System telephone for tiptel.com and tiptel.comPact PBXs

The tiptel 83 System S0 enhances the tiptel.com and tiptel.comPact family of PBXs with professional system telephony. Important and frequently used functions such as call forwarding, selecting different providers, or busy indication for particular extensions can be assigned to 14 multifunction keys with status-LEDs. This way individually selected functions can always be comfortably controlled with the push a button and you can see instantly whether an employee is busy at the moment or available for a new call.

This model is for use at internal S0 port of tiptel.com and tiptel.comPact PBX.
Also available as Up0 version for use at Up0 port. £P.O.A

tiptel 83 system

  • 2-line alphanumeric display with backlight
  • Telephone directory for 100 entries (phone number, name, charge counter)
  • Appointment management for 30 appointments
  • On-hook dialling, dialling from the directory
  • Direct and indirect dialling (preparation of dialling)
  • Redialling for 20 dialled phone numbers with storage
    of charges incurred
  • Fully automatic redialling
  • Dialling and accepting of calls from all TAPI compatible
    Windows applications (CTI)
  • 100 different ringing tone versions
  • Automatic ringing tone volume control
    (volume increases if handset is not picked up)
  • Call list for 20 incoming calls with documentation of
    date and time
  • Call-back list for 6 entries
    (completion of call to busy subscriber, CCBS)
  • Call filter (certain phone numbers will not be signalled)
  • VIP function (certain phone numbers will be signalled
    also during the “do-not-disturb-function
  • Loudspeaker, hands-free mode
  • Registration of call charges in a sum, per entry and for
    the S0 bus
  • Different dialling and operating restrictions
    (dialling, numeral block, phone numbers, etc.)
  • Direct call, do-not-disturb-function
  • Call counter, registration of call duration
  • Time control of call forwarding according to time and weekday
  • Data receipt during power shortage


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