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tiptel ergoVoice A2 - £P.O.A
Simple and safe phone with emergency call function
The ergonomic phone tiptel ergoVoice A2 is simple to use and especially apt for people with a lack of sight, with hearing problems or restricted fine motor skills. Large keys simplify the dialing of numbers, a large display simplifies the handling of the phone. The volume of the ringing tone as well as for the handset and the loudspeaker, can be adjusted anytime by means of slide switches which are placed easily accessible behind the display.
Upon the push of one single key an emergency call can be built up, which upon receipt, activates the handsfree mode. In the case that the number is busy or the phone call is not being answered, the tiptel ergoVoice A2 calls a second and if necessary even a third number. Thus, due to very simple functions the safety benefit is substantially higher as with conventional phones.

Ergovoice A2

Included in the box
- Phone
- Power cord
- Phone connecting cable
- Manual
- Slide in labels

- Large display, white backlight
- Large keys with clearly distinguishable contact points
- Large fonts in the display
- Display contrast adjustable, 10 different shades
- Simple handling due to menu navigation in plain text
- Slide switches to adjust the volume of ringing tone, handset and loudspeaker
- Handsfree mode and monitoring
- Volume of handset and ringing tone can be turned up extra loud by means of slide switches
- 10 different ringing tones
- Clearly visible, red highlighted key to trigger an assistance call
- Dialing of up to three assistance calls (upon busy, upon no-receipt the next number is automatically called)
- Activation of handsfree mode upon receipt of the assistance call
- Automatic hang-up function when the person called finishes the conversation.
- Caller ID function*
- Redial function
- 9 speed dialing keys
- Off-line call preparation with possibility to correct
- Call blocking of up to 5 codes/key sequences or phone numbers (for example special prefix codes)
- Handset with integrated magnetic field generator for hearing-aid compatibility
- Call duration indication
- ABC printing for vanity numbers
- T-Net features (hook-flash)
- PIN protection to save settings (e.g. emergency call numbers)


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