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tiptel ergoVoice C - £P.O.A
Ergonomic telephone with emergency call function for
calling 4 numbers and integrated strobe light
The Tiptel ergoVoice C has a Backlit keypad and display is alluminated as soon as you move your hand above the phone with motion a sensor. It also has an integrated strobe light to visual call signals. For better information to the acceptor of an emergency call, an individual emergency message is recordable..

Tiptel Ergovoice C

Included in the box
- Keyboard support (touch-guide for dialling)
- Telephone, curled cable, handset
- AC-adapter
- Batteries
- Telephone connecting cable with telephone plug
Manual for installation and programming
- Operating instructions
- Short operating instructions (overview)
- Inlay labels for the speed dialling keys
- Information card for the person receiving the emergency call


- Large, illuminated display with pictrograms (16 digits, 24 x 115 mm)
- Large low keys, illuminated, with clearly distinguishable contact point
- Activation of the display and keypad lighting via movement sensor
- Incoming calls are additionally signalled visually by flashlight (can be activated/deactivated)
- Emergency key (dialling of up to 4 phone numbers, emergency message, activation of the hands-free mode)
Digital voice memory for recording of an emergency message
- Lange slide switches for ringing tone, handset and loudspeaker volume
- Fully automatic redialling in case of busy line (up to 10 dialling attempts)
- Room monitoring (with or without ringing signal)
- Handset with integrated magnetic field generator: improved audio quality for people with hearing aids
- Keyboard support (bars) can be installed onto the keyboard (touch guide for dialling)
- Memo function for recording of short call excerpts (approx. 20 seconds, for example phone numbers)
- The caller’s telephone number is shown on the display (CLIP function) provided that the service „phone number transmission“ has been activated at your telephone access or in your telephone system.

Emergency call
- Emergency key for auto dialling of up to 4 phone numbers (the upper speed dialling station can be programmed as emergency key)
- Emergency message (digital voice memory for individual messages)
- Automatic activation of the hands-free mode in case of an emergency call.
- Internal emergency call (a specific ringing tone is heard)
- Vital functions (to control the presence and the state of health of a person).


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