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tiptel ergophone CR - £P.O.A
Ergonomic phone with integrated wireless emergency call system
The tiptel Ergophone CR has a display and keyboard that is illuminated automatically as soon as you move your hand above the phone or a call is coming in. The emergency call transmitter which is part of the Ergophone CR's scope of delivery is waterproof & has a range of some 30m indoor.

Ergophone CR
Included in the box
- Radio transmitter for emergency calls
- Keyboard support (touch-guide for dialling)
- Telephone, curled cable, handset
- AC-adapter
- Batteries
- Telephone connecting cable with telephone plug
Manual for installation and programming
- Operating instructions
- Short operating instructions (overview)
- Inlay labels for the speed dialling keys
- Information card for the person receiving the emergency call


- Large, white illuminated graphic display (240 x 48 dots)
- Large low keys, illuminated, with clearly distinguishable contact point
- Phonebook for 30 entries (name and number)
- Activation of the display and keypad lighting via movement sensor
- Incoming calls are additionally signalled visually by flashlight (can be activated/deactivated)
- Emergency key (dialling of up to 4 phone numbers, emergency message, activation of the hands-free mode)
- Activation of the emergency call by radio transmitter (included in the delivery)
- Digital voice memory for recording of an individual emergency message
- Lange slide switches for ringing tone, handset and loudspeaker volume
- Fully automatic redialling in case of busy line (up to 10 dialling attempts)
- Room monitoring (with or without ringing signal)
- Handset with integrated magnetic field generator: improved audio quality for people with hearing aids
- Keyboard support (bars) can be installed onto the keyboard (touch guide for dialling)
- Memo function for recording of short call excerpts (approx. 20 seconds, for example phone numbers)
- The caller’s telephone number is shown on the display (CLIP-function) provided that the service „phone number transmission“ has been activated at your telephone access or in your telephone system.


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